Frequently asked questions


Can you ride it if you weigh over 110 kgs ?

According to manual, maximum rider's weight should be 100 kg. There are many members over this weight with no issues though

Can this be used in rain ?

Ideally not, even though the scooter is well sealed, the water can still get in. While very light rain might be fine, it's still not recommended to ride in a rain as any water ingress would void the warranty. Thank you

Can i take this scooter on the plane ?

If you take out the battery. Lithium-ion batteries over 100Wh are not allowed to be carried on passenger plane. Thank you

Does it have solid or pneumatic rubbers ?

It's Pneumatic, which is great for comfort. If you buy one differently put some slime tube in them.

How hard is to use it when the battery dies ?

You can use as you would a regular push scooter.

How far / long distance does this scooter run for ?

My Son does about 4/5 miles a day, (to the station - to work - from work to station - from station to home) on the first day it goes fast and if he does not charge up every night it will be okay to travel another day 4/5 miles but it will be slower. I hope that helps.


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