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Operatopr of, Shopify Partner, won Bronze at 2018 Invictus Games, Using PSE Stinger and PSE Components. Official Representative for Canada for the Invictus Games Foundation, as well as named as Chair of First British Sub Aqua Club in Canada. Named the Invictus Sub Aqua Club. I am very involved in helping veterans heal through the power of sport, also have developed a plan to help modernize the Royal Canadian Legions, by bringing the generation of Veterans, like myself, who served in Afghanistan back to the Legion. The response has been excellent, I have secured a location for the first dive club, Branch 631 of the Royal Canadian Legion, located in Kingston, Ontario. It is truly humbling and an honour to represent the Invictus Games Foundation run by the Duke of Sussex and the Invictus Sub Aqua Club, through BSAC, with the Duke of Cambrige being the President. However, PSE Archery, has just gained a loyal retailer, and I will share stories and photos, through my marketing. As I have become an affiliate for many companies and Market Influencer on Instagram. I am happy to be part of this team. Thank you to PSE and Golden Arrow Archery.


Mathew Belear


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